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Wireless and wireless networking have become an integral part of the IT infrastructure nowadays, and there is nothing more infuriating than a flakey, patchy or insecure system.

Here at Adaptive IT Solutions we have partnered with Ruckus Wireless to be able to resolve all these issues.  Our smart WiFi solution provides secure, reliable access that is easily managed and supported by the end user.

We don’t aim to install a solution just to meet you requirements. We install a solution that meets and exceeds your basic needs, providing you with a solution that will drive forward your business, without the worries or concerns that the wireless will hold you back.

We are so proud of our wireless offering that Adaptive will visit you and conduct a free survey of your existing system. We will then tell you what it does, and doesn’t do, well. You can then try our wireless solution, to see how much better it could be.

Some of the benefits of the Ruckus system are:


Improved Performance, so less access Points for more coverage

Seamless Roaming so never drop a connection when you move about

Enhanced support for VoIP and IP TV service

Guest access portal to provide secure access to visitors


Secure integration with you RADIUS and Active Directory servers

Mesh and outdoor Networking


Unrivalled Security using dynamic PSK

With fully qualified engineers and a helpdesk to back them up we feel we can offer you the best managed wireless in town at a price that you won’t think it up in the clouds.  We have installed and tested the solution in many challenging environments, from schools, to hospitals, to hotels and even a Zoo.

For a FREE demonstration and no obligation visit, please call 0844 808 6666 or email sales@adaptiveit.co.uk 

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