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WCS Care are a not-for-profit organisation currently running 12 care homes across Warwickshire, and have become the country’s first care home provider to have 5 ‘Outstanding’ homes. This has been achieved by following a simple belief of ‘every day should be a day well lived’, and by adopting the latest innovations, techniques and technologies.

One such technology that was discussed in detail by the WCS Operations Director, Ed Russell, at the Care & Dementia Show was CLB’s Acoustic Monitoring. In front of a large, receptive crowd, Ed described the installation of this system at Drovers House in Rugby as the catalyst, or driving force behind their ‘Outstanding’ rating by the Care Quality Commission.


CLB Acoustic Monitoring

At Drovers House the WCS night team will work in the home with the help of the Acoustic Monitoring system. The teams will take it in turns to keep an eye on the alarm for a maximum of 1 ½ hours at a time, whilst keeping in touch with the other team members who are active throughout the care home.

Acoustic Monitoring non-intrusively listens to sleeping residents and triggers an alert when the sound level in a room exceeds individually set thresholds. This enables staff to swiftly respond to residents in need of care. Continuous monitoring decreases the need for routine in-room checks, so peacefully sleeping residents are not disturbed and staff are free to focus on those whose distress has triggered the alert.

Respecting residents’ privacy is of utmost importance to WCS, for this reason, appropriate usage procedures and permissions will be established and adhered to. When explained correctly to them, clients and their peers welcome the use of this system as the residents are no longer needlessly disturbed. Alert calls are made to mobile handsets, or can be viewed on WCS monitoring screens.

Following a visit to the Netherlands see the Acoustic Monitoring system in action before implementing it himself, Ed stated “Acoustic Monitoring has been used in the Netherlands for about 25 years and seeing it in action last summer was impressive. Staff there said they wouldn’t be without it and could not believe it wasn’t standard practice in the UK”.

“We observed a resident who couldn’t use the traditional nurse-call buttons call out in the night for help. The system picked this up instantly, logged the call, and the carer attended almost instantaneously. Typically this sort of situation could get missed if someone was not standing outside the room”.

“The team of night carers no longer had to unnecessarily patrol the building knocking on doors every hour and residents in need of attention were reached much faster”.

You can read more on CLB Acoustic Monitoring here, or speak to one of our experts using the contact buttons below to discover more products and services we offer to help improve your CQC rating.

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