WCS Care are one of the country’s leading Care providers, operating 13 Care homes throughout Warwickshire, including 5 which have been recognised as ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Their most recent build, Castle Brook Care Home in Kenilworth, provides state-of-the-art accommodation and adopts technology at the forefront of Residential Care. Within this settlement they have created an ‘Innovation Hub’, wherein industry personnel can visit to see such technology in action.

Adaptive IT, along with a select group of invitees from the Healthcare sector attended a recent showcase, led by Jo Cheshire, the Marketing Manager for WCS. Following a tour of Castle Brook, the visitors had the opportunity to see CLB’s Acoustic Monitoring system and Person Centred Software, and discover first hand the benefits that both systems offer when deployed across a Care environment.

CLB’s Acoustic Monitoring is a nurse call and acoustic monitoring system (can be separated to just acoustic monitoring or nurse call) that passively listens to sounds in residents rooms and sends an alert to a central monitoring station. A person monitoring the rooms can then determine whether action is needed by listening to a 16 second clip containing the alarm trigger, listen live into the room, talk into the room and activate any cameras there (if necessary and appropriate to resident’s needs) then dispatch a carer or nurse as required. CLB has been an active system in Holland for the last 20 years and has been proven time and time again.

The basic concept of Person Centred Software is that a carer carries a mobile device with PCS’ app loaded onto it so that they can record given care as they go, rather than spending an hour at the end of the shift and potentially forgetting all they have done. Managers can view all of this information from the “Monitor” software where all of the data is collected. The monitor software is also where full care plans are stored as well as a host of other things that can be covered more in detail at a meeting. Using the data collected over time you can map out the amount of care being given to an individual, and if you find the amount of care is increasing, you have solid and accurate numbers you can use to apply for further funding.

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