Managing access to a building used to be a jumble of keys, codes and varying locks. Nowadays you can use pretty much any RFID enabled token, and in some cases even your smartphone, to unlock a door.

Entering the building using RFID can even trigger the lights and heating to turn on in your office, then at the end of the day turn them off and set the intruder alarm.

Our technology partners over at Paxton Access Control, have put together the following list, highlighting 5 industries benefiting from access control in their day to day operation and explaining just how they’re doing it.


Access Control can help healthcare facilities ensure that staff, patients and visitors are kept safe. It can also significantly reduce the chance of opportunistic theft for hospitals by ensuring that medicine and equipment is kept secure.

Adhering to government legislation is a necessity for healthcare facilities. The features of Net2 software can restrict access to sensitive areas and provide a full audit trail to ensure sufficient accountability. Click here to read how Net2 secures the blood bank at Conquest Hospital.


It is important for schools to allow free movement of staff and pupils around the site, whilst ensuring no unauthorised persons can gain access. Access control can provide a comprehensive means of managing site security and maintaining the safety of those on site.

Help schools go cash-free with multi-use tokens that also enable staff and students to gain access to their site. Access cards can be used for ID, canteen payments and library services.

Click here to read how the Marino Institute of Education simplified their access control management, incorporating multi-use tokens for students.


Access control can increase flexibility by securing stock and managing staff movement.

For high end retailers where aesthetics are key, Paxton’s range of modern and attractive readers can fit sympathetically into the interior whilst discreetly ensuring the security of the merchandise.


There are many benefits access control can offer leisure centres, from increased security, energy saving and membership management. Net2 can help streamline membership administration, reminding users to renew and denying access when membership has expired. The addition of integrating Net2 with biometric readers can also prevent PIN or token sharing to ensure staff, members and equipment are secure and on site.

Click here to read how Rush Fitness use Biometric readers with Net2 to manage access to their 24-hour-a-day facilities, and here to discover how Canoe England use Net2 to reduce their water and energy usage.


The timezone feature in Net2 can help manage shift workers at industrial businesses with up to 1000 doors on a single system. Individual access permissions can also be utilised for the use of heavy and/or dangerous machinery to ensure only those with the relevant training can activate the equipment.

Click here to read how Graze use Net2’s timezone feature to control the movement of day and night shift workers across multiple sites.


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