Nurse Call Middleware

Borough Care

The Brief

For over 20 years Borough Care has provided the safety and sanctuary of a warm and welcoming home currently operating 11 care homes in the Stockport area.

Their core values of Compassion, Aspiration, Respect and Engaged (C.A.R.E.) underpin their commitment to providing the highest quality of care.

Adaptive IT was tasked with installing “Care Connect” Middleware software across their Shepley, Marbury and Bryn Haven Care Homes.


The Challenge

Traditional Nurse Call systems can be very noisy and archaic.

Audible communal call bells emit sounds loud enough to alert a member of staff to attend but also loud enough to disrupt residents. This is especially relevant for night time care when sleep can be disturbed unnecessarily and many times overnight.

This can affect the well-being of residents and staff can suffer from “alarm fatigue” with constant noise diluting the importance of individual calls.

A solution needed to be found which could improve the effectiveness of staff responding to Nurse Calls and reduce noise whilst not requiring a full replacement of the existing equipment onsite.

All homes were fully operational so extra care needed to be taken to ensure the installation kept any disruption for residents to an absolute minimum.

Adaptive IT's Solution


The Care Connect, Nurse Call middleware solution was chosen to be deployed across the homes as necessary.

The existing solutions in place were not able to naturally send their alerts out to a mobile device and by connecting our equipment this meant that the system could now have alerts translated and sent discretely over WiFi to an App.

Operational benefits for staff and well-being benefits for residents could be enjoyed immediately!

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Many new build projects we undertake involve a very long process from an initial demonstration to going live as there is usually a lengthy construction phase. This means a great deal of time can elapse before we can see the customer benefit from our tech. However, in live environments like this, we can see immediate improvements once the solution is installed which is both satisfying and rewarding. This project brings the total number of Borough Care sites covered by Care Connect to six.

Jonathan White

Commercial Director, Adaptive IT Solutions

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