Net2 from Paxton Access Control is easy to use with excellent features, designed to make the management of any building incredibly simple. Net2 also provides a host of high security features and benefits that gives you peace of mind with additional levels of security at your premises.

These features would be particularly beneficial in healthcare and educational facilities, and public sector buildings.


The lockdown facility enables you to secure your site with a single action, by disabling access through selected doors. Lockdown will also disable exit buttons and re lock doors held open by time zones.

Lockdown would be utilised to safeguard people and property in the event of a potentially dangerous individual, or group, gaining unauthorised access to the site.

Paxton Access Control Lockdown


The anti-passback system prevents a card holder from passing their token back to a second person, to gain entry into the same controlled area. When a token is presented twice in quick succession, it will fail to grant access to the controlled area.

The anti-passback feature also improves the accuracy of roll call and ‘Last known position’ reports, and deters tailgating. If a user should follow a colleague out of an area without presenting their own token, their error is discovered when they try to return to the controlled area. Access into the area will be barred, as their last known location is shown as still being inside.

Paxton Access Control Anti-Passback


The approved Biometric Net2 integrations with BioConnect, Genie CCTV, ievo, Neamantrics and Virdi provide an easy way to manage biometric authentication with a Net2 access control system. The incorporation of a fingerprint reader into your Net2 system will supply you with an additional level of security.

Paxton Access Control Biometric Integration


Temporary access rights will prevent visitors to your site from outstaying their welcome, and from regaining access to the site after the reason for their visit is complete.


Streamline your Net2 system and integrate with your CCTV, for a quick, efficient way to view footage related to what’s going on at each floor. This will enable you to easily review CCTV footage from within their Net2 system, in real-time.

Paxton Access Control CCTV Integration and Management

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