On 12th February 2020 The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care addressed the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity at the launch of their longer, healthier lives strategy.

 The Rt Hon Matt Hancock (pictured) addressed various issues before discussing the role of technology and in particular the success of CLB Acoustic Monitoring with supporting evidence given by our customer WCS.

 The transcript reads –

“Adult social care is increasingly a site of healthtech innovation.

Internet-linked devices can help people live at home for longer and stay connected to family and friends.

They can also help providers deliver smarter, more responsive care.

For example, there’s a provider up in Warwickshire – WCS Care – doing great things with acoustic monitoring.

The tech lets the staff hear crying or breathing problems, sending an alert to a monitoring station staffed by a night manager.

It means that staff aren’t knocking on residents’ doors every hour and disturbing people.

Everyone sleeps better, and staff estimate that night-time falls have reduced by 34%.

Interestingly, when they analysed the data they found that lots of people were staying awake late into the night.

This led the care home to set up a ‘wide awake club’ to support night owls and get them back into a healthier rhythm.

I want to spread this kind of innovation far and wide, and I’ve set up a dedicated adult social care unit in NHSX.

This will focus on setting technical standards, improving data sharing, enhancing skills and fixing the digital infrastructure.

Like longevity itself, better tech is an opportunity we wholeheartedly embrace.”

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