On the 22nd January, members of Adaptive’s Sales team made the trip down to the Excel Arena in London for the annual BETT Show. BETT provides the opportunity to experiment with the latest Educational Technology, hear from inspirational speakers and industry experts, and connect with previous and current business partners.


We have created a list of the top 5 technologies that we think you should be implementing in your school; take a look!


  1. Sahara Clevertouch Interactive Touchscreen
    The Clevertouch from Sahara is the market leader in Interactive Touchscreens, providing a durable, modern alternative to interactive whiteboard and projector solutions. Boasting benefits such as an integrated Android operating system, 4k resolution, optional Blade PC, and a multiple software package, the Clevertouch stands head and shoulders above its competitors.
    Available is sizes 55”, 65”, 70”, 75” and 84”, there is a screen suitable for any situation.
Clevertouch Plus
Clevertouch Plus
Clevertouch Plus
  1. InVentry Visitor Management System
    If you need a system that speeds up the sign in process, keeps all information secure, and leaves you feeling confident that your students are safe, InVentry is the solution for you. Already implemented in over 2000 schools nationwide, InVentry is without a doubt the biggest player in Visitor Management. Including a 20” touchscreen, thermal label printer and full SIMS interaction, you can truly reinvent your school’s reception area.
InVentry Visitor Management
  1. LearnPad
    LearnPad is an award winning tablet solution uniquely designed for education, providing everything you need to successfully implement tablets into your classroom. Being solely focused on education enables LearnPad to develop creative ideas that support teaching and learning within the classroom; ideas like changing content by taking a photo, charging devices without wires, controlling all classroom devices from a simple screen or creating classroom packages that make it easy for schools to invest in touchscreen technology.
  1. Ruckus Wireless
    Ruckus have produced a smart Wi-Fi solution that provides secure, reliable access that is easily managed, education-driven and supported by the end user. Many mobile devices (like the LearnPad) have integrated into the student’s learning process. Schools need a Wi-Fi network that can handle a high density of devices with speed and reliability. Ruckus outperforms the rest of the industry even in demanding environments.
Ruckus Wireless
  1.  Node4 Off-site Storage and Back-ups
    It is always important to ensure that your data is secure, but probably even more so in a school. To ensure this, Adaptive IT can work with Node4 to design the most appropriate off-site storage solution for you, removing the large upfront cost and space required to house your server on your premises. Performing frequent back-ups and updates, you can rest assured that your data is safe in the “Cloud”.

At Adaptive, we can offer you a FREE, no obligation demonstration of any of the products above. We’ll send you one of our knowledgeable experts to your premises with the product, meaning the only thing that you have to do is get in touch with our sales team! Email sales@adaptiveit.co.uk or give us a call on 0844 808 6666!