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Mobile Care Monitoring is a set of products that provide a comprehensive evidence of care, care planning and reporting system to social care providers.

Care App

The Care App is the part of Mobile Care Monitoring that care staff use to evidence care for service users. It is an intuitive and easy to use electronic evidence of care delivery app that works on lightweight and robust devices, which gives carers and nurses all the information they need to care for service users and allows them to quickly evidence the care that they deliver.

The system has been specifically designed to give carers more time to spend with service users. As daily records are written with a few taps on the device, the entire shift can be spent delivering care. With less paperwork to complete, care staff are under less pressure and service users receive a better quality of care. The Care App helps carers and nurses support each other by making everyone aware if an individual has not received their planned care, or if they are unhappy.

To ensure that service users receive the care they need, planned care routines are set up, with personal preferences able to be logged for each care interaction for how the service user likes their care to be delivered. The system also automatically learns the unplanned care that each service user regularly received, displays when is is the service user’s birthday and has a diary for recording appointments to see health specialists, outings and visitors.


Care Monitoring

Care Monitoring is a web application, which works with the Care App to measure the impact of care on a service user’s life. Everyone involved in overviewing care can check how well care is being delivered within any community that they have access to using Care Monitoring.

The monitoring system displays everything that can be seen on the Care App. The most recent care interaction is indicated with an emotion icon to express how happy the service user is and flags indicate planned care actions that are coming due, are due or are overdue.

As carers evidence care, all the charts and reports are automatically updated. The care delivered can be viewed in a number of formats with date and person filters. There are automatic dashboards showing how well a community is, including alerts and flags for anything out of the ordinary.

Relatives Gateway

The Relatives Gateway is a portal used by the friends and family of the service user to share information and photos, and to view the care provided. The care provider controls who is able to view a person’s care notes and care plan (if appropriate). Once the care provider has given residents’ connections rights to use the Relatives Gateway, they will log in to the portal using their email address and a password.

Care Notes
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Gives all the information necessary to enable carers to provide the care that’s needed without imposing control upon them

Treats all staff as a team, to assist them in providing the care as best suits the dynamic needs of the service users


Ensures that there is full evidence of all care that is provided: quickly, easily and immediately

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