Securing the Education Sector

One of the key features of outstanding practice according to Ofsted is: “robust arrangements ¬†for site security, understood and applied by staff and pupils”. Taking this on board, ievo Ltd understand that educational facilities need to protect pupils, teachers and other staff members whilst offering parents peace of mind that their children are safe in a protected environment with simple but effective solutions.

Innovative Technology
Biometric fingerprinting has many advantages to help secure the safeguarding of children, protecting both a facility and its users. ievo’s innovative technology seamlessly integrates into new or existing security systems allows for flexibility in installation. When registering a fingerprint with ievo, advances sensors and algorithms are used to scan and collect the required biometric data to create a ‘2D digital wire frame’ of the data, which is stores for identification purposes. This will only grant access to registered users, protecting and securing those within.

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Access Control
Controlled security is paramount in providing a safe environment for pupils, teachers and staff to work in. Knowing who has access to what and when is vital in maintaining a safety net. Biometric identification supports a high level of security and ievo devices are designed to integrate into access control systems by adding an additional layer of security.

Adaptable Solutions
ievo’s biometric readers remove any potential vulnerabilities of card, fobs or token systems by giving control back to the system. Only a registered fingerprint will be able to access the facility. To be in line with best practice however, ievo solutions can be installed with a card reader function which will accept some card systems, allowing duel access for children or parents who do not wish to use biometric data, but still safeguards them under the same security measures.


Safeguarding pupils and staff

Cost effective security solutions

Accurate data capture for attendance records


Improved Health and Safety Records

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