Through our partnership with Continuum, we can now provide 24x7 end-to-end NOC support, complete with Continuous Data Protection, and secure and dependable cloud storage.

We’ll Manage Your Backups – So You Can Manage Your Business

When Continuity247 is deployed, their certified backup technicians are deployed right alongside it. Working in addition to our in-house experts, we are ready to take control of day-to-day management, monitoring and verification of your backups. It’s a BDR solution that flexible enough to scale with your business.

Secure, Reliable Backup and Recovery

Data backed up using Continuity247 is stored on a local appliance and can be replicated offsite to the cloud, so you can enjoy true peace of mind knowing that business continuity will be maintained in the event of user error, malware or a disaster scenario.

Advanced Automated Recovery Point Verification

Continuity247’s Tru-Verify feature automatically verifies the integrity of recovery points to ensure that recent recovery points can be virtualised in the event of a disaster. If a recovery point cannot be virtualised, Tru-Verify will automatically repair it and capture a time-lapse video of the boot failure, enabling us to immediately identify the cause of failure.

Provides the traditional antivirus functions with active file scans and full system checks on a schedule, with the additional advantage that the update status is proactively monitored by Continuum with alerts generated for machines that are not compliant.

Looks after the malware side of things and provides protection against browsing to malicious sites etc. and removes any detected threat from your system or portable media. This is actively monitored to ensure it is up to date with alerts for non-compliance.


One of the primary routed for virus or malware onto your system is via an ‘exploit’ related to a weakness in installed software. Continuum also manages the deployment of fixes that are released for the weaknesses by the likes of Microsoft and Adobe. Once again, this is actively monitored and alerts are created for non-compliance.

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