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LearnPad is an award winning classroom tablet solution uniquely designed for education, providing everything you need to successfully implement tablets in your classroom.

LearnPad and Classroom Apps

Being solely focused on education enables LearnPad to develop creative ideas that support teaching and learning within the classroom; ideas like changing content by taking a photo, charging devices without wires, controlling all classroom devices from a simple screen or creating classroom packages that make it easy for schools to invest in touchscreen technology.

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LearnPad Camera

Every device has a forward and backward facing camera. The camera takes both pictures and video and is a powerful tool for creative work and recording progress.

LearnPad Animator App

Animator is a simple-to-use app that gives students the opportunity to create fantastic stop-frame animated films quickly and easily. Schools rate this as one of their favourite apps because it boosts the creative imagination.

LearnPad Annotate App

This app allows students to display their knowledge and understanding by adding comments or labels to images they take with the camera, retrieve from the Internet or retrieve from their teacher.

LearnPad Presenter App

Presenter helps bring students’ presentations to life by allowing them to create, film and present their work in a new and exciting way

LearnPad eBook Reader

eBook Reader
With its easy-to-use eBook Reader, LearnPad is increasing in popularity as a means to access eBooks. Simply click on an eBook file and you’ll be reading your selected book in seconds.

LearnPad Browser

Each LearnPad device comes with the LearnPad Browser. On a locked device, the browser will only access sites that have been recommended by LearnPad or chosen by you.

LearnPad Notes App

Notes is a simple note-taking app that allows students to take notes and record data or examples. Considerably easier to use than a word-processing document, this app is instant and practical.

LearnPad Author App

Author allows students to write, develop and publish their own books. Full of features, yet simple to use, LearnPad Author can be used to build any form of writing project.

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