CLB Acoustic Monitoring

And IP Cameras

Nightingale Hammerson

The Brief

Nightingale Hammerson is a leading specialist in residential care that has been serving the Jewish community for over 175 years.

 They offer world class holistic care in a safe, stimulating environment at their outstanding rated Nightingale House site in Clapham where they can accommodate up to 215 people.

 Adaptive IT were tasked with installing the CLB Acoustic Monitoring system with IP Cameras at these premises into the Wohl Dementia Care Unit.

The Challenge

Split over 2 floors, provision needed to be made for all of the 40 resident bedrooms – Dementia sufferers needed to be able to call for assistance at night time without using traditional Nurse Call methods.

 In addition to the CLB solution, camera footage needed to be accessed in bedrooms once an alert was raised.

 The Wohl unit was an occupied fully operating part of the care home so extra care needed to be taken to ensure that disruption for residents was kept to an absolute minimum.

Adaptive IT's Solution


After liaising with NH staff to prepare a suitable installation programme, a single CLB Acoustic Monitoring Module was installed into each resident bedroom – this monitors sounds in a room and when a concerning noise is heard an alert is sent to a central station.

 The solution helps raise levels of care and resident wellbeing – here are some operational examples,

 – Preventing Falls as residents are reached before bed exit

– Allowing better sleep cycles as interventions in rooms are only when necessary

– Abuse is prevented as aggression is detected

– Privacy and Dignity are protected with less in room interactions

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For the hardware Adaptive chose a POE IP camera suitable to working in low light conditions and a small ceiling mounted chassis that is barely recognised as a camera.

 The CLB system allows integration with the camera to only allow footage to be viewed once an alert has been raised – this keeps response times to a minimum as an accurate assessment of what care needs to be given can be done without having to physically go to the room in response.

In the event of an emergency this time saving can prove to be vital.

Nightingale Hammerson have a proud tradition of providing effective care over many years and we are very proud to have the opportunity to work with them. To have such a large home with an outstanding rating is truly testament to their drive to improve care quality and the new CLB solution will help enhance this even further.

Jonathan White

Commercial Director, Adaptive IT Soltuions

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