Managed WiFi

Whitehouse Primary School

The Brief

Whitehouse Primary was a new build school based in Milton Keynes as part of a £160M programme to deliver 10,000 extra school places by 2018.

The School opened its doors for the 2016/17 intake and will have provision for 630 pupils from ages 4-11 plus a nursery unit once fully operational.

The new site had a requirement for WiFi coverage for any student, teacher and guest devices – the tender specification asked for the system to be at the leading edge of current technology in terms of hardware and software.

The Problem

As the site was a new build development, a physical site survey was impossible until after handover from the builders. With the slim time frame available a survey needed to be done ahead of time to plot where the points needed to go prior to any installation onsite.

The school had also expressed an interest in the usage and reliance of WiFi enabled technology so the system need to be able to handle traffic from a large number of devices and be of a standard to future proof the school against developments in technology in the longer term.

Adaptive IT's Solution

Using the official building plans and specialised software Adaptive were able to provide a pre-emptive heatmap of the school to show the suitable positions for prospective WAP deployment. This process also was able to provide a report to show the coverage and strength of WiFi signal that would be available throughout the school. Adopting this strategy meant that actual site visits were not required to get the information needed whilst the school was still under construction.

To deliver the functionality, we proposed that the Ruckus WiFi system be deployed throughout the School. Ruckus is perfect in any Educational arena and has a proven track record of success as it is already used in thousands of schools throughout the UK.


The Ruckus Wireless solution is optimised for schools and is very popular and effective in an educational environment. 19 x Ruckus R500 ac level access points were installed across the school to provide blanket coverage along with a dedicated LAN controller housed in the main data cabinet.

Ruckus is a scaleable solution and can be added to at any time if the schools needs change at any time and can handle a large number of devices with excellent performance.


Our engineers installed dedicated data points for each of the WAP positions and ceiling mounted all points to ensure maximum coverage.

Once installed the system was configured and full training given to key staff members.

Ongoing Support

The physical equipment has a lifetime warranty which offers full replacement in the event of a hardware failure.

The school also signed up to a 3 Year support package which includes full telephone helpdesk and remote support within school hours and access to all firmware and security updates that are released by Ruckus periodically.

Whitehouse enjoy a secure, fast and reliable WiFI network which benefits both children and staff. The Ruckus system will be able to easily keep pace with any improvements in technology and any increase in WiFi enabled devices that are added to the network over time

Ross Alexander

Project Manager, Adaptive IT Solutions

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