Digital Signage

Warwick Hospital

The Brief

The Main Outpatients & Fracture Clinic Departments at Warwick Hospital are incredibly busy environments at any time and often have waiting areas full of patients and their families waiting to be seen by Hospital staff. Communication and the relaying of information between the staff and people in these areas is very important especially the length of prospective waiting times.

The requirement was to provide a digitised information system that could be updated instantly and easily by staff and also display relevant NHS news in a scalable format across the departments.

The Problem

The existing set up consisted of 5 patient areas which had traditional notice boards in place to display any communal information teamed with small dry wipe boards updated by hand to show current waiting times.

This system meant that there was a heavy reliance on staff to physically go to the areas and manually update the information to show the correct times which would take them away from their other duties and often put them in a confrontational situation if waiting patients were disgruntled. It also meant that information on notice boards could become out of date and irrelevant very quickly and could be in a format that was not as engaging as it could be to the reading audience.

Adaptive IT's Solution

After an initial site survey and consultation with key stakeholders, positioning of any display hardware was agreed for all positions and details for any additional power and data requirements that would need to be addressed. The functionality and usage requirements were also discussed at length to find the best fit available between the customer expectations and systems available.


The award-winning BrightSign Digital Signage system was selected for both its excellence in providing a cutting edge signage platform and its ease of use and management by end users. Content could be updated by staff from a remote position in their office quickly and immediately allowing them to devote more time on their other duties. Custom content such as BBC News 24 RSS feeds, video, weather reports and NHS messages could be pulled together to create a very dynamic and visually impressive end result.

The signage system was teamed with 43″ Commercial grade LED screens from Panasonic. With stylish design, slim bezel and Full HD quality, these gave the perfect way to showcase the content with the assurance and peace of mind of a commercial performance.


Physical installation of any extra data services and the TV display endpoints was initially scheduled to coincide with a time which was slightly less busy than usual and outside of normal working hours. Once the hardware was in place the Technical team worked with key staff to design the content for each of the 5 positions and then to deploy this across the screens plus full training was given to the specific end users.

Ongoing Support

The staff have been left with confidence as to how they will be able to manage the system going forward and to make any modifications to the content as required. Our Technical staff are always on hand via telephone or email to help field any queries however big or small and to manage the warranties of the installed hardware.

The team from Adaptive IT Solutions made what I thought would be a complicated process, in choosing digital signage for Warwick Hospital Outpatient’s Department, really simple and clear. From the quotation, signage options, installation, configuration and training I have been really impressed with all communication and the end result is superb.

The Digital Signage Screens offer a sleek pathway for clear and accurate communication with all of our patients helping to enhance the overall patient experience. With the installation of the digital screens we can provide up to date information on clinical wait times, health promotion and Trust updates.

With thanks to Jon White for his time in helping us to choose an affordable and workable digital signage solution for the department. Thanks also to Mark Edwards for his patience when training us on what really is a simple and effective development in patient communication.

Catherine Hulse

Clerical Officer, Main Outpatients, Warwick Hospital

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