Managed WiFi

The Cottesloe School

The Brief

The Cottesloe School is a vibrant Secondary School situated on the edge of Buckinghamshire. A Specialist Arts College, the school currently has over 1140 students on roll, more than 170 of which are in the sixth form.

The school were suffering from an outdated and underperforming Wireless Network, and Adaptive IT were tasked with bringing it up to date with scope for future expansion.

Adaptive IT's Solution

To deliver a better Wireless experience, we proposed that the Ruckus Wireless system be deployed throughout the School. Ruckus is perfect in any Educational environment and has a proven track record of success within the thousands of schools it is currently deployed in.

We heat-mapped Blocks A, B, C & E and determined that 47 Wireless Access Points were required to offer seamless coverage. CAT5e cabling was then installed, run from the school’s existing cabinet, to allow the optimum position for the WAPs.

Our engineers ceiling-mounted the Ruckus R510 WAPs with minimal disruption and set the network up to the client’s requirements and, once installed, full training was given to key staff members.

The Cottesloe School now enjoy a fast and secure Wi-Fi network, one which I am sure will benefit both students and staff going forward, and I am excited to work with the school on any future projects they undertake.

Ross Alexander

Project Manager, Adaptive IT Solutions

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