CLB Acoustic Monitoring

And Intelligent Nurse Call,

IP Cameras

Parkhaven Trust

The Brief

Parkhaven Trust is a registered charity based in Maghull, North Liverpool. They provide a wide range of services to support people with dementia, older people and people with learning disabilities.

 They promote independence by encouraging and supporting residents’ choices and preferences. Dignity and privacy are respected at all times. Their expertise and experience is used to enrich the lives of all service users.

 Adaptive IT were tasked with installing the CLB Acoustic Monitoring and intelligent Nurse Call solution for their new build “The Beeches” specialist dementia care scheme.

 This also included coverage for wireless pendants for residents, integration with IP Cameras in bedrooms, CCTV, IP Access Control, Telephony, Structured Cabling and Managed WiFi.

The Challenge

Provision needed to be made for all of the 3 households of 15 resident bedrooms including en-suites, Communal Areas, Assisted Bathrooms & WC’s.

Adaptive IT's Solution

A single CLB Acoustic Monitoring Module was installed into each resident bedroom – this monitors sounds in a room and when a concerning noise is heard an alert is sent to a central station.

 The solution helps raise levels of care and resident wellbeing – here are some operational examples,

 – Preventing Falls as residents are reached before bed exit

– Allowing better sleep cycles as interventions in rooms are only when necessary

– Abuse is prevented as aggression is detected

– Privacy and Dignity are protected with less in room interactions

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 Nurse Call alerts generated by the system we distributed discretely via App to mobile handsets carried by staff. This enables staff to efficiently answer calls on the move and residents are not disturbed by loud audible call bells especially at night.

 CLB wireless receivers were installed throughout the premises to enable connection to wireless pendants for residents to call for assistance if necessary.


For the hardware Adaptive chose a POE IP camera suitable to working in low light conditions and a small ceiling mounted chassis that is barely recognised as a camera.

 The CLB system allows integration with the camera to only allow footage to be viewed once an alert has been raised – this keeps response times to a minimum as an accurate assessment of what care needs to be given can be done without having to physically go to the room in response.

In the event of an emergency this time saving can prove to be vital.

This site is amongst the very first in the UK and Europe to be built with cameras installed in resident bedrooms. When teamed with CLB Acoustic Monitoring this is a very forward thinking approach to use and utilises technology with great effect. This was a very comprehensive installation as we supplied everything from the CCTV, IP Access Control and Telephony to Structured Cabling and Managed WiFi!

Jonathan White

Commercial Director, Adaptive IT Soltuions

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