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Sterling Dental College

The Brief

The requirement for the new build Sterling Dental College in Southall, West London was driven by the Educational element of two adjacent existing practices, Sterling Dental Care and Whitehouse Dental Practice. Both are current members of the BDA Good Practice Scheme, are CQC compliant and have been active in postgraduate Education and Training since 1994. Sterling Dental College was to become a further platform for training excellence, building on the previous works of the other two sites.

The project needed suitable IT provision for a main Seminar room, Practice Surgery & Phantom Head room with numerous AV feeds needing to be captured and displayed throughout the facility or recorded to suit as part of a very forward thinking technology driven approach.

Adaptive IT's Solution

Seminar Room
This was a presentation space that internal and guest speakers would deliver training content from. This content would need to be recorded and displayed around the College as required.

From a lectern mounted position at the front of the room, we supplied a choice of either wired or wireless connection via Wi-Fi presentation bridge to a Clevertouch 802 LED Interactive Touchscreen.

Phantom Head Room
This was the main educational & training deployment part of the facility consisting of 8 state of the art Phantom Heads from KaVo for students and a single Phantom Head Tutor Station. From here the Tutor could select to display feeds from any source such as a Dental Microscope, ceiling mounted HD IP Camera, PC or Full HD Desktop Visualiser and send them to the Student’s personal monitors & communal LED screens.

Practice Surgery
A ceiling mounted Full HD IP PTZ Camera was mounted into the room to capture the footage of live dental procedures and either record to an archiving device or stream live to other locations such as a large LED screen in the room itself or any other screen position on the LAN.

The core component of the solution was the software used to distribute the AV feeds from the sources. PC’s at three specific locations in the Seminar, Practice Surgery & Phantom Head rooms had administrative rights to customise AV feeds and display them at any of the 14 different display points throughout the premises including main reception.

Sterling Dental Group have a fantastic pedigree and history of success so we were delighted to be an integral part of their new venture at Sterling Dental College. We knew the solution had to be very versatile, easy to use and be of great quality and I think we certainly delivered this here. We were delighted to be invited to the official opening and had the chance to showcase the equipment to high profile members of the Dental world.

Jonathan White

Project Manager, Adaptive IT Solutions

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