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St James Church of England Primary School

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The Brief

Built in 2006, St James Church of England Primary School is situated near the centre of Northampton town, close to the home of the Northampton Saints Rugby Club. After meeting with the Business Manager, Gill Walker, there was a prospective requirement to improve the school’s WiFi infrastructure.

The Problem

The School already had WiFi enabled devices and planned to add many more to be used across the site but they had an antiquated and unreliable Wireless system already in place. This meant that coverage and performance was poor with users experiencing dropouts and speed issues. From a management perspective any diagnosis had to be done physically at each point and security was an issue as only basic features were available.

Adaptive IT's Solution

It was agreed that a new managed WiFi solution was required which would cover all areas of the School as required. New structured cabling would be supplied in tandem with the new system which would be installed, configured and supported by our engineers. The main benefits for the school would be vastly improved performance, reliability, coverage and security.

To deliver this, we proposed that the Ruckus WiFi system be deployed throughout the School. Ruckus is perfect in any Educational environment and has a proven track record of success as it is already used in thousands of schools throughout the UK.


The Ruckus Wireless solution is optimised for schools and is very popular and effective in an educational environment. 12x Ruckus R500 ac level access points were to be installed across the school to provide blanket coverage along with a dedicated LAN controller housed in the main data cabinet.


After producing a detailed coverage heatmap to show where each WAP would service, we supplied a live demonstration of the equipment to show in real time how improved the coverage and performance would be.

Our engineers installed dedicated data points for each of the WAP positions and ceiling mounted all points to ensure maximum coverage. Once installed the system was configured and full training given to key staff members.

Ongoing Support

The physical equipment has a lifetime warranty which offers full replacement in the event of a hardware failure. The school also signed up to a 3 Year support package which includes full telephone helpdesk and remote support within school hours and access to all firmware and security updates that are released by Ruckus periodically.

As the system is scalable and designed to expand and grow as requirements change, we recently added an external access point to facilitate network connection to the Qube building in the playground area.

From installation date up to present day, St James enjoy a secure, fast and reliable WiFi network which continues to benefit the children and staff. This is a great example of a project that has evolved from initial consultancy through to concept design and then successful delivery.

Ross Alexander

Project Manager, Adaptive IT Solutions

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