CLB Acoustic Monitoring + Intelligent Nurse Call, Structured Cabling, Middleware Software & IP Cameras

Pax Hill

The Brief
Pax Hill is a home that provides the highest level of care for elderly people, with beautiful views, excellent facilities and compassionate expertly trained staff. Set in the picturesque village of Bentley on the border of Surrey & Hampshire, Pax Hill has been providing care for elderly people since 1988.

Adaptive IT were tasked with installing the CLB Acoustic Monitoring & intelligent Nurse Call system for their new build EMF Wing which also included data provision for cameras in bedrooms that could be integrated and installed at a later date. Other services provided as part of the new build were structured data cabling and managed WiFi.

For their existing building Adaptive were asked to provide a managed WiFi system, a solution to send Nurse Call alerts from their existing system to mobile handsets.

The Challenge
The new build needed Nurse Call & Acoustic Monitoring to be provided for all of the 39 resident bedrooms and communal areas such as WC’s  – Dementia sufferers needed to be able to call for assistance at night time without using traditional Nurse Call methods.

The client wanted to keep disruption to a minimum so Nurse Call and allow staff to be able to respond to alerts whilst on the move at both sites.

Current WiFi service was poor in the existing building and the new build needed full coverage throughout.

Cameras were prospectively required to give live footage of resident bedrooms in the event of a problem.

Adaptive IT's Solution

For the new build, a dual CLB Acoustic Monitoring & Nurse Call Module was installed into each resident bedroom – the Acoustic part of the solution monitors sounds in a room and when a concerning noise is heard an alert is sent to a central station.  

The system helps raise levels of care and resident wellbeing – here are some operational examples:

– Preventing Falls as residents are reached before bed exit

– Allowing better sleep cycles as interventions in rooms are only when necessary

– Abuse is prevented as aggression is detected

– Privacy and Dignity are protected with less in room interactions

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Single CLB Nurse Call units were deployed in communal areas and any alerts raised were then sent to a hand held mobile device – this means that alerts are sent discretely to staff without communal call bells causing disturbance to residents.


The main Pax Hill site had a Nurse Call system that sent alerts to audible call bells – to change this to be able to send to mobile devices Adaptive installed their Care Connect middleware software.

A server PC is connected to the serial output of the existing Nurse Call panel that would have historically outputted alerts to legacy systems such as pagers or DECT phones. The system translates the alerts and sends them to an App on a mobile handset via the sites wireless network.

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For the hardware Adaptive chose a POE IP camera suitable to working in low light conditions and a small ceiling mounted chassis that is barely recognised as a camera. The CLB system allows integration with the camera to only allow footage to be viewed once an alert has been raised – this keeps response times to a minimum as an accurate assessment of what care needs to be given can be done without having to physically go to the room in response. In the event of an emergency this time saving can prove to be vital.


After a heatmapping process Wireless Access Points were installed across both buildings to create a managed environment which allows dedicated and separate network connections for Staff, Residents and Visitors.


New data provision was installed for all of the network driven equipment installed by Adaptive such as CLB, WiFi & IP Cameras. All infrastructure was tested and terminated into a dedicated data housing.

I always enjoy visiting an existing site before any work has been done and then returning once all is completed. The benefits can be seen immediately and it is very satisfying to have deliver a project to a customer that fulfils the initial brief. The Pax Hill site is one of the first in the UK to employ cameras in bedrooms and this is a trend we expect to continue to become more prevalent in the future.

Jonathan White

Commercial Director, Adaptive IT Soltuions

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