CLB Acoustic Monitoring

with IP Cameras

National Star College

The Brief

National Star are driven by their vision for a world in which young people with disabilities are able to realise their potential as equal and active citizens in control of their lives. They enable this through education and personalised learning opportunities and by providing other transition and accommodation services.

 Adaptive IT were tasked with installing the CLB Acoustic Monitoring and Nurse Call solution for their Cotswold refurbishment project in Gloucester. This was integrated with IP Cameras in resident bedrooms.


The Challenge

Provision needed to be made for all of the 7 resident bedrooms including ensuites Communal Bathroom and Assisted WC. Service users would need to be monitored constantly but in as unobtrusive a manner as possible when in their rooms.

Adaptive IT's Solution

A CLB Acoustic Monitoring Module was installed into each resident bedroom – this monitors sounds in a room and when a concerning noise is heard an alert is sent to a central station.

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 The solution was teamed with ceiling mounted IP Cameras that are of a small dome chassis design and work excellently in low light conditions to ensure that a quick and timely response is given if an in room intervention is required

In a specialised environment such as this, extra care has to be taken to fulfil the care needs of the residents. The CLB system and IP Cameras give both a comprehensive solution for care staff to utilise and peace of mind for residents families that their loved ones are receiving quality care.

Jonathan White

Commercial Director, Adaptive IT Soltuions

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