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Adept Care Homes

The Brief

Adept Care Homes have an estate of 7 operating sites across the Midlands in the UK and their team has over 25 dedicated people who have been with them between 10 and 27 years.

 They recognise that each resident is unique and ensure that their care and support is personalised to the needs of the individual.

 Adaptive IT was tasked with installing Mobile Device Management and “Care Connect” Middleware software across their estate of homes. 


The Challenge

Traditional Nurse Call systems can be very noisy and archaic.

 Audible communal call bells emit sounds loud enough to alert a member of staff to attend but also loud enough to disrupt residents. This is especially relevant for night time care when sleep can be disturbed unnecessarily and many times over night.

 This can effect the well-being of residents and staff can suffer from “alarm fatigue” with constant noise diluting the importance of individual calls.

 Multiple care platforms such as mobile care evidencing are now being deployed on mobile handsets as apps and this means that the devices can be susceptible to abuse by users as inappropriate sites could be visited on the internet.

 A solution needed to be found to effectively “lock down” the functionality of the handsets so only access to the relevant work functions can be available.  

 All homes were fully operational so extra care needed to be taken to ensure the installation kept any disruption for residents to an absolute minimum.

Adaptive IT's Solution


The Care Connect, Nurse Call middleware solution was chosen to be deployed across the homes as necessary.

 The existing solutions from Intercall were not able to naturally send their alerts out to a mobile device and by connecting our equipment this meant that the system could now have alerts translated and sent discretely over WiFi to an App.

 Operational benefits for staff and well being benefits for residents could be enjoyed immediately!

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A programme of onsite installation and deployment was agreed with the homes and every handset was configured with a “Kiosk mode” agreed with them.

 This meant that all functionality that Adept did not want users to have access to such as camera options, social media, gambling sites etc was disabled in one hit.

 Going forwards any additions or changes can be done remotely by web interface and without the need of technicians to visit site!


The health, wellbeing and happiness of residents is at the heart of everything they do at Adept. We are proud to install our technology that mirrors the dedication they have to their levels of care.

Jonathan White

Commercial Director, Adaptive IT Soltuions

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