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NHS Nottinghamshire Foundation

The Brief

Nottinghamshire Healthcare is positive about providing integrated healthcare services, including mental health, intellectual disability and community health services.

Almost 9000 dedicated staff provide these services in a variety of settings ranging from the community through to acute wards and secure environments.

The service we were to work with was Lings Bar Hospital which is an inpatient rehabilitation unit.

The Challenge

The site were currently using hard copy signing in books which caused issues with remaining GDPR compliant and keeping an up to date and accurate record of visitor traffic into and out of the building.

This was especially important in the event if an emergency so it is known who needs to be accounted for.

With health and safety & safeguarding hot topics a more advanced digital solution was needed which Adaptive were tasked to find and supply.

Adaptive IT's Solution

The Inventry digital sign in solution was installed into the main reception area. An impressive 20” touchscreen was mounted in the new reception area to cater for sign in events for –

– Residents

– Residents visitors and family members

– Staff

– Contractors

– Ad hoc visitors

– Groups (in & out)

– Events

Health & Safety and safeguarding protocols are strengthened and in the event of an emergency, a comprehensive and accurate manifest of who to account for can be generated immediately.

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Although the Inventry system is widespread in education and corporate business settings we are seeing tremendous growth in the healthcare sector. The NHS and other care providers are harnessing the potential that a fully digitised solution gives them and systems such as this will become used more and more going forward.

Jonathan White

Commercial Director, Adaptive IT Solutions

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