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Havelock Junior School
The Brief

Havelock Junior School, located in Desborough, Northamptonshire, caters to approximately 330 children ranging from seven to eleven years old.

Dating back over 100 years, the school building utilised a traditional lock and key system offering little security. A modern Access Control solution was required to combat these concerns, and improve safeguarding and security for both students and staff alike.

The Problem

As well as ensuring the safety of staff and students, another primary concern for education sites is the protection of property and equipment from theft or damage. However, a security system also needs to be flexible enough to manage the movement of students and the changing schedules of a busy campus.

Being overly reliant on site staff physically unlocking and locking doors at the beginning and end of each day left the site vulnerable to intrusion or students leaving as and when they wished.

There was also no way for the school to effectively “lockdown” in the event of an emergency, in which all perimeter or internal doors could be made secure, or alternatively all doors could be opened immediately for a quick exit.

Adaptive IT's Solution

After consultation with the key school employees, the Paxton Access Control solution was proposed.

Paxton are the current market leader in Access Control technologies and is already used in educational establishments at all levels across the UK, as well as high profile locations such as the Old Trafford home of Manchester United FC.

The LAN based connectivity and software based control are fully customisable which allows control to be 100% in the hands of the school. Access for credential holders can be limited to certain doors or for certain times of the day which is an easy and accurate way of managing internal & external access.

The core Paxton values of simplicity and quality resonate well in Education as the technology has to be reliable and easy to manage – two features that the system delivers impeccably.


A proximity RFID reader was installed on the external side of 4 perimeter doors which activated a magnetic lock when a valid card or token was presented. On the opposite side a high level push-to-exit button was employed to allow exit which was also teamed with an emergency break glass button as an extra fail safe to guarantee passage out of the building.


Adaptive had recently installed the InVentry Visitor Management system into the school reception area so it was decided that the same credentials would be used to activate both systems. This meant that Staff could gain access to the building and sign themselves in using one dedicated ID card and didn’t have to have different credentials for different actions.

Ongoing Support

The scalable solution means that any amount of doors can be added at any time so a campus can adopt the system gradually – targeting the doors that require immediate attention in the first instance and then roll out the remainder as the need or budget dictates.

A comprehensive warranty for the hardware covers any physical defects and any help with configuration can be dealt with by either Adaptive directly or the Paxton dedicated helpline.

A yearly maintenance contract is available and recommended for the lifespan of the equipment to make sure everything is optimised for the site, performing exactly as it should be and fully tested to ensure reliability.

School security is now of the utmost importance, with the safeguarding of both students and staff a requisite in modern schooling. Paxton Access Control provides the most efficient and convenient way of securing educational sites, that is also incredibly easy to use and manage by school staff.

Ross Alexander

Project Manager, Adaptive IT Solutions

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