Visitor Management

Camp Hill Primary School

The Brief

Camp Hill Primary School in Nuneaton has 374 pupils, 85 staff members and has a very busy reception and front office area. All visitor traffic funnels through the main entrance which has to cater for a mixture of full time staff, contractors, peripatetic teachers, parents, children and other visitors daily. Originally all visitors had to report to reception and liaise with office staff to sign in manually whilst other staff had to sign in as best they could using a dedicated hard copy book. Senior Staff were looking to improve this process and to learn whatever other benefits of visitor management may be available to them.

The Problem

The existing set up meant that a lot of daily procedures and record keeping were still paper based and very time consuming for staff to action meaning that productivity and accuracy were suffering as a result. It was also difficult to keep an accurate record of who was actually on the premises as there were multiple books to cross reference to get data and the production of any kind of report was difficult at best and impossible at worst. This was especially important for the Fire Marshals as they needed to know 100% accurately who they would need to account for in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Adaptive IT's Solution

After an initial consultation with key stakeholders and a live demonstration of the system we proposed the InVentry Visitor Management solution be deployed at the site. InVentry is the current market leader in Visitor Management, is optimised specifically for a school environment and is already installed in thousands of schools across the UK. This system meant that all of the existing problems would be alleviated in one stroke and improvements in speed and accuracy of processes could be seen immediately by users.


A single InVentry touchscreen mounted in main reception was perfect for staff, visitors and parents to interact with and this would replace all of the traditional hard copy books that were situated in reception previously. Staff were to use the InVentry anywhere app on their mobile devices for signing in, pupil registration, for after school clubs and in readiness for any emergency procedures.


All of the infrastructure installation and training was planned and implemented around the needs of the school to a planned go live date to try and ensure as smooth a transition to the new technology as possible. The system was used as soon as installed and the mobile fire evacuation app was used for subsequent fire drills with great success.

Ongoing Support

The system is covered by a 3yr NBD Hardware warranty and a dedicated helpdesk support team. Contact can be made via telephone or email and any questions or queries are fielded in real time by knowledgeable staff. Any changes and system modifications can also be made via secure remote connection to the screen by the same resource.

We have been impressed by the knowledge and quick service from Adaptive IT Solutions. The system is easy to manage, and the technical support team have been extremely supportive regardless of how minor our enquiries have been. It meets our requirements perfectly.

Liz Poultney

Office Manager/HR Administrator, Camp Hill Primary School

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