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The Brief

BPP University in Birmingham is situated in the heart of the bustling commercial centre of the City and is the only University in the UK solely dedicated to business and professional qualifications – the fields of study include law, finance and health.

As part of a new refurbishment of the existing premises there was a requirement to supply various AV solutions into the new Dental Education Centre facility that will open for the first intake of students in October 2016.

The four areas of work would be the Phantom Head Lab, 2 x Seminar Rooms & a Dental observation suite.

Phantom Head Lab:
The room would service 10 students and have provision for 1 main Tutor station. All positions would have a Phantom Head, PC & HD LED monitor and digital mounted camera. The cameras would capture footage from inside the mouth of the Phantom Head.

All AV sources from anywhere in the room would need to be able to be displayed on any selected LED monitor in the room  during lesson time.

Seminar Room Rooms:
Two seminar rooms positioned adjacent to each other and separated by a sliding partition wall needed presentation equipment that was versatile enough to give the functionality of being controlled by one presenter when the wall was open to create one larger seminar space.

Both areas also needed the audio and presentation equipment to work separately and be easy to control when the wall was closed to form two separate areas.

Dental Observation Suite:
A regular working dental surgery for treating live patients would need a solution to capture the audio and video interactions between staff and other persons in the room. This would need to be either recorded or broadcast live and displayed to the Seminar Rooms as required.

Additional Requirement:

Presentation footage from the Seminar & Dental Suite needed to be recorded and broadcast as necessary. Multiple feeds needed to be captured and mixed to create content that could be accessed remotely or live as required . A platform to host live events and Webinars would be advantageous also.

Adaptive IT's Solution

Based on our experience of similar dental teaching facility projects we have designed in the past and by working closely with the major stakeholders from the client the following solution was delivered –

Phantom Head Room 
Small Form Factor PC’s were installed with HD LED monitors onto posts at each student and tutor position. High resolution medical grade cameras were desk mounted to capture the images from the works undertaken on the Student and Tutor Phantom heads.

The Tutor had the extra benefit of a high end Visualiser to show 3D objects in detail or display hard copy texts.

Distribution software was deployed to allow the Tutor to harness the AV feed from any source and send it to whichever recipient was needed by easy to use PC interface.

Seminar Rooms
A traditional ceiling mounted projector & projection screen were installed into each of the two seminar rooms along with ceiling mounted audio solution.

Each room had a presentation position equipped with a PC and monitor – all AV feeds to be displayed could then be selected using touchscreen a driven interface which also controlled which elements were being recorded.

Audio was captured from the presentations via lapel mic and visuals by ceiling mounted IP camera.

Dental Observation Suite
A ceiling mounted IP camera teamed with a lapel mic captured the interactions between the patient and dentist and this footage could then be recorded or shown live in the seminar rooms.

Images taken by the intraoral camera could also be managed in this fashion and be transmitted to the seminar room or set to record as required.

All switching and rack mounted hardware was positioned into the main data cabinet with star wired topology used to connect all endpoints back to this area.

A high end broadcasting solution was supplied and installed that governed the creation of live and bespoke recorded content that could be accessed remotely and gave a platform for the client to host Webinars.


As with all new builds there were a number of trades onsite but with the niche specialisms of the equipment being installed, it placed even greater pressure on making sure the project kept to schedule.

There was a very narrow window for all infrastructure to be installed and then hardware and software configured for usage so planning to fit with the programme was of ultimate importance to hit deadline.

This was achieved successfully and the project delivered ready for the first intake of students when the facility was ready to open.

Ongoing Support

After training was given to the in-house Technical Staff for the onsite management going forward, a full telephone helpdesk and remote maintenance contract was in place for the first year of operation.

Consisting of unlimited telephone helpdesk and remote support the service covered Mon-Fri, 8.30-5 and was staffed by the Adaptive Tech Dept.

This project is the first facility of its kind that has been opened by BPP and we feel honoured to have been invited to be part of the process. From initial discussions regarding the specification through to delivery, training and eventual handover we have been involved at every stage and we are very proud of providing a solution that will be a real asset to BPP for many years to come.

Jon White

Project Manager, Adaptive IT Solutions

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