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BenQ Interactive Flat Panels for Today’s Interactive Classrooms

Today’s classrooms are active learning centers that encourage lively discussions and engage teamwork. Students don’t just sit and take notes from the teacher any more. Rather, they collaborate with one another using a variety of gadgets, from smartphones to tablets and laptops, with an interactive display as the central platform for learning.

BenQ are poised to optimize this platform with the friendliest interactive display design and classroom-ready solutions to support schools by bringing a truly interactive learning experience into their classrooms.

BenQ Flat Panel

AG+ Screen
All BenQ Interactive Flat Panels are provided with an anti-glare surface, reducing screen reflections and making images and text easier to see. The panels are also equipped with an AG+ Screen, enhancing the anti-glare surface with germ-resistant performance and killing most bacteria upon contact.

BenQ - Healthy Classroom Environment

Teacher friendly design
Effective teaching and learning cannot take place in a poorly managed classroom where teachers have to struggle with classroom technology. BenQ’s Interactive Flat Panels are designed to better facilitate the teaching process, ensuring that teachers can teach smoothly throughout their class without interruption.

BenQ Flat Panel Operating Systems
BenQ design

4K Ultra HD Resolution

4K Ultra HD Resolution
BenQ have doubled the horizontal and vertical resolution on their RP Interactive Flat Panels, guaranteeing to capture the finest details with a pixel density of over 50 PPI. Coupled with BenQ’s flicker-free technology, this alleviates any discomfort caused by looking at the screen all day.


NFCPen: A Smart Annotation Tool
Create notes, highlight text and draw images with NFCPen! It’s double colour tips make switching colours simple and easy, whilst costing nearly nothing to maintain. Battery-free, water-proof, and built to withstand long-term use, the NFCPen is sure to last the lifetime of your Interactive Flat Panel.

BenQ Annotaion Tool

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