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CLB’s Acoustic Monitoring non-intrusively listens to sleeping residents and triggers an alert when the sound level in a room exceeds individually set thresholds. This enables staff to swiftly respond to residents in need of care. Continuous monitoring replaces routine in-room checks, so peacefully sleeping residents are not disturbed and staff are free to focus on those whose distress has triggered an alert.

Acoustic Monitoring improves both your business reputation and its finances. While patients experience a range of practical benefits, you are able to operate more efficiently and enjoy cost savings so significant that the system could pay for itself within 2 years.


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Improved Service
By potentially replacing 2-hourly checks with continuous monitoring, risk of delayed response when incidents occur in between scheduled visits is eliminated. The result is a more timely and reliable service during the night.

Improved Resident Satisfaction
Because residents are not disturbed by in-room monitoring visits, they benefit from a better night’s sleep while enjoying greater privacy. Both factors lead to an improved psychological state which effectively reduces levels of unexpected aggressive behaviour.

Financial Advantages
Staff can be deployed much more efficiently, which means fewer staff are needed. Cost of night-time staffing can therefore be reduced substantially.

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