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Make Building Management Simple.

Public Sector and corporate buildings have a number of specific needs in terms of security and access. These vary from ensuring staff can come and go from their individual areas with the required ease, to offering secure yet accessible areas for the visiting public.

Access control is an efficient and convenient way of offering a public sector and corporate facility secure, flexible and cost effective building access management. It is also an impressive HR tool, providing easy time and attendance reporting for staff.

Say goodbye to bunches of keys; instead electronic tokens are issued to allow access through the controlled areas and doors. They are easily barred from the system if they are lost, stolen, or not returned.

Paxton Access Control Fob and RFID Reader

A user-friendly and flexible networked access control system. It allows users to manage systems all from one central platform, making administration simple and straightforward.

Net2 Entry
A smart, simple video door entry system.  Includes inbuilt access control; perfect to use as part of a Net2 access control system. Easy to install, it provides visual verification before granting access.

Net2 PaxLock
A networked access control solution in a door handle. It communicates wirelessly to the server PC via a wireless bridge, reducing cabling and installation time, and can simply replace an existing door handle.

Door/Building grouping
Split the site into specific areas to make adding users with access permissions easier than programming each individual door.


Reliable, High Quality Systems
Paxton are so confident of their quality, they back their products with a 5-year guarantee.

Incredibly Easy to Use
Being such a simple system, only minimal training is required for administrators.

Grow With Your Needs
The system is designed to grow, meaning you can add doors as and when needed.

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